June 14th, 2017
  The Hottie Stop interviews Barbie Blank aka Kelly Kelly!

Barbie Blank is known by wrestling fans everywhere by her stage name, Kelly Kelly, which she used from 2006 until 2012. In her time away from the ring, Blank has been featured in the E! reality series WAGS, in which she stars alongside a handful of other wives and girlfriends of major sports stars (Blank is married to former NHL player Sheldon Souray). The show is coming up on its third season this August, and to help get you prepared, Barbie lent her time to us and answered some questions regarding her name(s), her memories of the ring, being on a reality show and much more!

How did you get the nickname Barbie?

My real name is Barbara, so it just started from that, and I always thought Barbara was an older name, so I always just went with Barbie for short.

Speaking of nicknames, you were known as Kelly Kelly in the WWE. Where did that originate from?

That started from Vince McMahon. He basically picked Kelly out of a list of names and then decided “let’s call her Kelly Kelly and have her have two first names”. “So nice they named her twice” was the slogan!

You took some time off from the WWE for many years, but you returned to that world earlier this year. Did you miss it?

I did take some time off to heal my body. I was 19 when I started. I was on the road 300 days a year, wrestling every night- injury after injury- and after six years straight of that, I finally thought it was time to take a break and let my body heal. I always missed it. That part of me will never go away, and being back at WrestleMania felt like it was a homecoming for me. It was just the best feeling in the world.

What’s your fondest memory of being in the ring? How about most painful?

My fondest memory of being in the ring would have to be winning the WWE Divas Championship. That was always a goal that I aimed to achieve when I was in WWE, so when I was given the opportunity, I felt like they were giving me the highest honor, and I felt I have proved to WWE and the WWE Universe that I had earned a place in history. My most painful memory in WWE would have to be when I was wrestling Beth Phoenix. I was wrestling with two broken ribs, and I performed night after night with those ribs broken and just had to let them heal on their own while I was still wrestling and taking no time off.

What can you tell me about this season of WAGS?

This season on WAGS we have three new girls. Altogether there are nine women, so once you get nine women together, of course there’s going to be drama drama drama. You have nine different personalities all trying to get along at one time, which is never going to turn out well. Besides the drama, Nicole and Larry have the most amazing wedding. You guys will get to see him; you’ll see her planning; you’ll get to see us. We’ll be a part of her bridal shower/bachelorette party. You’ll get to see me going through work and then figuring out what I want to do next in my life- whether it be having a baby or focusing on myself and my job. I’m kind of at a crossroads, so you’re going to see the different stages all of the girls are at. I’m really excited for the season. I think it’s going to be the best one yet.

Do you ever feel like being on a reality show is an intrusion of sorts, or are you able to keep it separate from your personal life?

When you sign up for a reality show, you know what you’re signing up for. You know you’re putting your life out there for the world to see, and there’s not really much you can hide from the cameras. What you see is what you get. There are some things that you try to keep private, but it never really is kept private. You know it always comes out somehow, and you know that’s what you sign up for when you do a reality show. All the girls know that this is what we agreed to at the end of the day.

How well do you get along with the other girls on the show? Is there any juicy gossip you can share?

I get along with all the girls. I try to stay very neutral, and I try to see each side of every story of every part of drama. I listen to each each of the girls’ sides and try and see if we can find a happy medium. It’s best if we talk as grown women and not fight, argue or throw drinks at each other. It’s great if we can actually sit down as civilized women and solve problems that way. You’re just gonna have to wait and see on the juicy gossip. Trust me, all I can say right now is there’s a lot of it.

Do you enjoy interacting with your fans on social media? Do they ever send you presents or anything like that?

I love interacting with my fans on social media. That’s what keeps me fascinated in and posting on social media. I love seeing the comments and being able to write back to the fans. It just means a lot to be able to interact with you guys, and I can’t tell you how much it means to me that I am your support through WWE or WAGS. You guys have always been there for me, so thank you for reaching out to me on all my social media platforms. I try to get back to you as much as possible, but know I read and that I see all of your messages, and that it warms my heart.

Do you have interest in starring in movies or TV shows?

I would love to star in movies or TV shows. I’m kind of open to anything right now. My passion is getting into acting right now, so if something comes my way, I am definitely going to jump on it and see what happens- if I’m meant to be an actress.

What is your workout routine like?

My workout routine is mostly cardio- probably four times a week. I switch up the cardio, so I’ll run one day, I’ll do the elliptical one day, and I’ll do the stairmaster another for at least 30 minutes. That will be after I do an hour of a workout session with my trainer, which consists of our circuit training. That focuses on one body part each day, and altogether, I’ll probably work out about four times a week. On the other days, I’ll just try and go on a hike or stay active in some way.

What’s your favorite cheat food?

My favorite cheat food has to be french fries and fried chicken. I’m definitely a southern girl at heart.

WAGS returns to E! in August. You can follow Barbie on Instagram HERE and Twitter HERE.

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June 24th, 2016
  Barbie Blank on The Rack Radio Show Podcast


Former WWE Divas Champion and star of the E! reality show “WAGS” Barbie Blank-Souray joined “Multi-time Award Winning” the Rack Thursday Night. In a nearly 15-minute interview, she talked about WAGS season 2 and what we can expect to see this upcoming season, what it’s like to be newly married, planning the wedding and if we’ll get to see it as part of the show, her time in WWE and if she’d considered doing Total Divas, her decision to retire and if that helped when her husband decided to hang up the skates, her favorite moment from her WWE days and much more.

How the newly married life is treating her: “I just got married at the end of February and it’s just been amazing. I mean, I married my soul-mate so it’s been a whirlwind: planning the wedding and the wedding day was the best day of our lives. I’m just excited to call him my husband now and carry on the Souray name.”

Will we get to see her wedding as part of WAGS, Season 2: “Oh my gosh, you’re going to see everything in Season 2 when it comes to the wedding. You’re going to see the ups and downs of planning a wedding, you’re going to see the bridezilla moments, you’re going to see some stuff that goes down where I’m like ‘Oh my gosh, I don’t know if this wedding is going to happen’ because that went on with planning a wedding, but I don’t want to give too much away. There’s some drama with the girls, leading up to it, but you get to see the whole wedding which I can’t wait for the fans to see. I can’t wait for them to see all my hard work pay off and just see their year and a half wedding that I’ve been planning that was such a magical day and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.”

What it was like planning for everything with the wedding: “Yeah, I mean it was my first time planning a wedding so find out all those things- down to the place cards and everything like that, you’re like ‘I didn’t even realize’. Luckily, I had an amazing wedding planned and she really helped me with so much. It’s hard planning a wedding in Mexico and you’re in LA (Los Angeles); it’s not easy.”

What can we expect to see on WAGS, Season 2 when it premieres: “Well, the beginning of the season, that’s mostly just the wedding planning and there’s some drama with the girls but I kind of stay out of that this season. I didn’t want to be involved with any of the drama, I was like ‘I’m focused, it’s my wedding. I’m planning my wedding, I’m not with any of your girl’s drama.’ So, you’ll see me walk out a lot where I’m like throw my hands up, I’m done. And then really, after we get married, I’m contemplating if I want a family or if I want to get back into work and maybe do some acting or something like that. So, you’ll get to see where I figure out, with my husband, what’s our next move.”

If her previous retirement from wrestling and WWE helped with her husband’s retirement from hockey: “Yeah, I feel like we were both able to relate to each other on another level when it came to that too, because when I retired, I didn’t know what was next. I was like ‘Ok, now what do I do?’ You know? And for him, I think he just enjoyed being retired and not having to live on a schedule because he he’d played hockey for 20 years, so I think he enjoyed being retired and now not being on a schedule and being able to do his own thing and golf. But now, he’s thinking ‘Now what do I do?’ and now he just enjoys golfing and just living the retired life. But I definitely feel like we were able to relate on that level of now we’re retired and now, what’s next? So it was the perfect time to get married because he had just retired and we were both able to put our efforts into planning a wedding.”

What’s the best part about transitioning into a normal life again: “With wrestling, because you’re on the road for 300 days a year, and you don’t have any off-season, so your constant, to go from that to ‘Now what do I do?’, it’s not easy. But I was able to get into a routine; I started cooking a lot more, I started working out. I got my routine down after being retired for a couple of months, and was like ‘Ok, this is my life now. This is normal life.’”

What attracted her to do the show WAGS: “When WAGS approached me about the show, I was like this is awesome. This is such an awesome concept and I think it’s a great thing that it’s not about who we’re dating really; it’s about our lives and what it is like dating athletes and we have going on. I was a former wrestler and wanted to get into acting now and stuff like that. So, it’s able to highlight that too and I just kind of missed being in the entertainment industry. So, when they approached me, I was like you know what this will give me what I kind of missed when I left WWE and I’ll be able to start working again. I feel like this has been a great opportunity for people to be able to see what it’s like to be married to or dating an athlete and the highs and lows with that. That’s definitely what attracted me to that and for season two, it was an easy answer because I loved season one and I’m excited about season two.”

Does she ever miss being in the WWE: “I miss the performing, you know. I miss performing for the fans, I miss walking through the curtain and having them cheer for me. So that’s the part I miss for sure. I feel like I’m able to get that fix with being on WAGS because you either love me or you hate me and so in the end I feel like I’m able to keep my fans and they’re able to see a different side of me; they’re able to see how I am in my everyday life, which in WWE they weren’t able to see. They were just seeing a character.”

Would she have been interested in doing Total Divas if still with WWE: “I think when I left, it was my time. I just had a lot of issues with my neck and my body. When you’re wrestling 300 days a year, your body is doing things it’s not meant to do and you definitely get injuries very quickly. So, I just started to get a lot of injuries and I was just ready to spend time at home with Sheldon and we were getting a lot more serious. I just felt like it was my time, so when Total Divas came up, I just couldn’t go back to doing that schedule. But I feel like WAGS was the perfect place for me to be.”

What are some of her favorite moment while in WWE: “Probably when I was able to win the Divas Championship; that was the best day and highlight of my career was winning the belt. And how I won it too; it was the fan’s choice about who they were going to face, so the fans chose me and I went out there and I won the belt. I felt like everyone had recognized I had been there for so long and I had earned this, it was my time and I was just so happy because once you reach that, you can’t go any higher. You are the champion of the whole division. That’s what motivated me for so long was the fans. They mean everything.”

Who does she have the best chemistry with on WAGS: “I mean, I love Olivia (Pierson). Actually, it’s so funny, seeing from last season until now, we’ve gotten so close. So, I would definitely say Olivia and Nicole (Williams). Nicole and I have gotten really close. So, you’ll see a different side because last season I was really with the wives and so, if you tune in, you’ll see how things start to change and it’ll be an exciting, entertaining season.”

Is there any tension between the wives and girlfriends of WAGS: “Well, if you saw last season, some women like to think they are the hierarchy- that wives are up here and girlfriends are down here, that whole thing. I’ve never been one to be all about that, but I see where the wives come from, in that they say, ‘Oh, the girlfriends, you never know who is going to be here today, tomorrow so you don’t want to get close to them’. I understand that part but I don’t understand how serious they take it, like “Oh, I’m not going to talk with you because you’re a girlfriend.’ I’m not like that but there are some ladies that are. It does happen and a lot in the athletic world, so it is and interesting point of view.”

Is there anyone she’d like to see join the show: “I don’t know. Since Sheldon retired last season, I haven’t really been around that world lately, so I don’t know who all is around now. I mean, it would be amazing if Carrie Underwood or someone like that joined.”

What do you like to do on your day off: “I love going to the movies by myself; I know it’s a little weird but I love going, getting a big popcorn and a Coke and sitting down and watching a movie by myself. Whatever I want to see and not being bothered, not having to explain anything to anyone, not having anyone sitting right next to me; just being alone and in my own space.”

A huge thank you to Wild Talk Radio for sending us the transcript of their interview with Barbie! You can listen to the interview on their site or on their Youtube channel.


June 9th, 2014
  The LAW interview

As you know, Barbie was at Niagara Falls Comic Con this weekend and our favorite blonde gave an interview to The LAW, a live audio wrestling podcast.
In this interview, Barbie speaks about “The Epidemic” which begins shooting in September, that she doesn’t watch Total Divas but she will be interested in having her own show which is showing her life now, and more!
The reporter also asked her what she thinks about The Bella Twins, John Cena and Batista, she just answered “great wrestlers” because she doesn’t want to start any drama. You can listen to the interview down below!


June 4th, 2014
  AQ Magazine featured Barbie and Sheldon

Barbie and Sheldon appear on the Spring 2014 cover of AQ (Athletes Quarterly) Magazine. You can read the interview down below and check out the pictures in our gallery!

Sheldon Souray and Barbie Blank
He’s one of the NHL’s top enforcers. She was one of the WWE’s fiercest Divas. Together, they make the toughtest couple in sports

Defenseman Sheldon Souray is most at ease confronting scoring machines like Jonathan Toews and Anze Kopitar or firing his booming slapshot at opposing NHL goaltenders.

So it’s rare to get him off his game the way he became distracted when he attended at a party in Malibu during WWE SummerSlam in 2009 with hockey pal Chris Chelios and musician Kid Rock.

The fun-loving hockey player was halted in his tracks when he saw, then briefly met, Barbie Blank—a.k.a. Kelly Kelly—the statuesque pro wrestling star. Athlete-to-athlete, there was immediate common ground. Only later would they discover the level of their mutual attraction.

“It was more of a chance meeting than anything,’’ says the 6-foot-4 blueliner who plays for the Anaheim Ducks. “Before I even knew what Barbie did, I remember seeing her and having my breath taken away. And then to find out what she did and who she was as a person became more amazing for me each day. I didn’t realize until we started dating how wildly successful and popular she was.”

The pairing of skilled hockey player and accomplished wrestler has become a life-changer for the 37-year-old Souray, a native of Elk Point, Alberta, who started his NHL career with the New Jersey Devils in 1997-98 before playing for Montreal, Edmonton and Dallas. He loves life at the beach, sharing summers and days between games with Blank, who retired last year from the pro wrestling circuit to focus on modeling and acting.

For Blank, there’s been learning curve since she’s become a hockey fan only in recent years. Certainly she deserves high grades for doing her homework on Souray’s pugilistic side.

“My mom told me to ‘YouTube’ his fights,’’ she says laughing. “That’s so sweet, right? When I started coming to Shelly’s games, it was amazing and crazy to see him come alive in his element. I was always standing up and yelling. The rest of the wives and girlfriends didn’t know what to make of me.”

Now hooked on hockey and eager to cheer for Souray’s ice exploits, Blank says mutual support has always been a linchpin of their sporting relationship.

“He was the same with my career, right there in the front row,’’ she says. “We bonded over cheering each other on. We took our time about two years from when we met before we started dating. But when we met, we knew we belonged together.”

The chance to jointly participate in a joint shoot for Athletes Quarterly was a welcome challenge, though Souray readily admits he felt in need of expert guidance. Blank is familiar with hours before a camera since he’s graced Maxim’s cover and regularly does swimsuit calendar.

“I’ve never done anything like it and I’m much less comfortable in front of the camera than Barbie,’’ Souray says. “It was key to have a really good partner. There aren’t any clothes that could have made me look as good as she did.”

To Blank, her favorite defenseman—who scored a career-best 26 goals for Montreal in 2006-07 and is no shrinking violet with 1,145 career penalty minutes—was a natural as cameras whirred.

“I’m really glad we did this together, it was a blast,’’ she says. “We played off each other and we could be ourselves in front of the camera. It was very comfortable.”

Souray becomes almost spiritual when talking of the arc of his athletic life. He admits to thoroughly enjoying the New York nightlife in his early years and how meaningful it was to skate for the legendary Canadiens and his hometown Oilers. Now he regards the opportunity to play in Southern California as a blessing.

“Every stop of my career had its moments and I’m appreciative for all of them, for all the people I met and all the places I’ve been,’’ he says. “And to be here now with the Ducks, where the lifestyle is so agreeable, is really great.”

Playoff success has eluded the three-time All-Star but that could change with the Ducks, a Pacific Division powerhouse thanks to top scorers Corey Perry and Ryan Getzlaf, plus the stellar goaltending of Jonas Hiller.

“Every kid who grows up in Canada wants to play hockey. So from where I started, if I had played one NHL game, that would have been a success,’’ he says. “My family gave me the opportunity, that’s not lost on me. I owe them everything.”

Not to mention a few valuable lessons from Blank that may help Souray as he battles younger and scrappier opponents.

“I try to wrestle him all the time, but he always comes up with something in return,” she laughs. “So I taught him a few moves and I hope they’ll help him on the ice!”

Souray says the hard work on and off the ice never ceases but when hockey’s not on his daily agenda, there’s plenty of time to enjoy the good life he has with the former WWE Divas Champion.

“The fun meter has always been at ‘full’ for me,’’ he admits. “But the bottom line is that I’ve never been in a more happy, safe and comfortable place than I am right now.”

Source: AQ Magazine site

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March 21st, 2014
  Barbie Blank interview

Wrestling101 published their interview with Barbie in which she talks about her WWE’s debut, her thoughts on Vince McMahon, why she left WWE, her appearances in the indy shows and more! Check it out!

Kelly Kelly made her television debut on the ECW brand on June 2006 with her own weekly segment, Kelly’s Expose before getting more in-ring action wrestling on Raw and SmackDown and becoming a one-time Divas Champion.

We caught up with Kelly Kelly to talk about where the second Kelly came from, working with Tommy Dreamer, Stone Cold Steve Austin being a big influence and much more.

How did you first get into the sport of professional wrestling?

I started when I was 19-years-old, I was doing some modelling whilst I was in college studying broadcast journalism. The WWE called my agent and asked if I wanted to try out, they invited me to Louisville, Kentucky for a try-out at OVW so I went along and the rest as they say is history.

Growing up were you a wrestling fan and who were the wrestlers you enjoyed watching?

When I was younger, when I was about 10 and 11-years-old I used to watch wrestling with my dad all the time. I really loved Stone Cold Steve Austin and he has always been my favourite, even to this day.

I remember when I first met him when I started working with WWE he was just so nice to me and so welcoming, it was really amazing and great. I guess you could say he was my inspiration to get into the business.

Were you a fan of any of the Divas before you got into wrestling yourself?

Yeah I was always a big fan of Trish Stratus’ stuff, Lita was an awesome performer and a great person, I always liked their work together and I really admired the pair of them.

What was it like when you made your professional debut for WWE?

It was very nerve wracking, I had only been signed for about a month and I was very new and I didn’t know anything. My first day on television I was so nervous and I was doing the expose thing on ECW, it was just very nerve wracking, the only thing I remember is thinking thank god it’s over after I was done.

During that spell in ECW you got to work with the likes of; Mike Knox, The Sandman, Tommy Dreamer and CM Punk, what was it like working with those guys?

I was very lucky to start out in ECW, they all kind of took me under their wing and just taught me the ropes. It was good that I wasn’t just shoved onto Raw right away or SmackDown because I feel like I needed some place to start, learn and grow and ECW definitely did that for me.

Tommy Dreamer was definitely one who kind of took me under his wing, him and Test really helped me out when I first came in, thank god for them.

What was it like when you started to have matches with the other Divas?

It was good, I was very happy when I was able to start competing in the ring and wrestling the other girls and going after the belt. I always loved wrestling Beth Phoenix, the match we had at SummerSlam when I had the belt, wrestling her was great, we had an amazing match.

My mum was in the front row along with my boyfriend, it was just a really great occasion at the Staples Centre and it is always really cool to wrestle there with all the celebrities in attendance.

Where did the second Kelly come from in your name?

That was down to Vince (McMahon), I never really knew why, he told me there was this television show and there was this song on the show and it was Kelly Kelly, and I was like okay, I wasn’t going to argue with the boss.

What was Vince McMahon like as a boss?

He is great, he was very hands on and just helped out with everything. Every week on television he was there during rehearsals, he would help us, telling us exactly what he wanted from the matches. He wanted to be personable to everyone, he is a little intimidating at times as your boss but he was great!

What was the reason for you leaving WWE?

I just felt that it was my time, I had been there for seven years and I knew I only wanted to do it for so many years. I just wanted to pursue other things, I didn’t leave on a bad note, everything was fine, they knew I was ready to do other things and I wanted to spend more time at home with my boyfriend as well.

He was on the road a lot as well as myself, so it was nice to settle down, I had grown up in front of everyone for seven years, I was a baby to 25-years-old.

You’ve worked on a few independent shows, what have they been like?

I’ve never wrestled on any of the indy shows, I’ve just announced, but the shows are cool and it is always great to meet the fans and be able to interact and talk to them.

Could we perhaps see you return to WWE some day?

I don’t know to be honest with you, I’m doing some acting at the moment and I’m filming a movie right now. I’m really excited to be on a new adventure but you never know, I’m only 26-years-old so who knows what is going to happen in the future.