Barbara Jean "Barbie" Blank (born January 15, 1987) is an American model, professional wrestler, and professional wrestling valet, better known by her ring name Kelly Kelly. She is best known for her time with WWE.

Blank has a background in gymnastics and cheerleading. She studied broadcast journalism, hoping to become a television anchor, and worked as a model for Venus Swimwear and Hawaiian Tropic.

  • Project: WAGS Season 2

Status: Filming
Role: Herself
Release Date: June 26th 2016

  • Project: Angel Investors

Status:  Completed
Role: Rachael (rumored)
Release Date: Unknown


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Kelly Kelly visits Raw: WWE.com Exclusive, February 13, 2017
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Former Divas Champion and “WAGS” star Kelly Kelly goes backstage at Raw for the first time in four years, and discusses her marriage, the Women’s Revolution in WWE and her participation in this year’s WrestleMania Axxess in Orlando, Florida.

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5 things: 5 teenagers who competed in WWE
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You thought your teenage years were tough? Imagine dealing with Balls Mahoney on live TV. Watch five Superstars who were in WWE before turning 20.

The 50 most beautiful people in sports-entertainment history re-...
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One of the most beloved Divas of this generation, Kelly Kelly was a former bikini model who proved a bright smile and a positive attitude can take you far in life. The blonde’s stunning good looks could be deceiving as her athletic ability was clearly on display when she won the Divas Title in 2011.

The gorgeous Diva wasn’t just active inside the squared circle, though. Beginning her career as a dancer with Extreme Expose in ECW, the lovely Diva was featured on Maxim’s Hot 100 and joined the likes of Mila Kunis and Megan Fox when she appeared on the cover of the pop culture publication.

Two Years Ago
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Today marks the second anniversary of Kelly Kelly’s releasing. The WWE Universe is still hoping Kelly Kelly to be back, but Barbie Blank has now decided to be focused on modeling and acting. A 2015 calendar will be available soon and she will have a role as a zombie killer in “The Epidemic”, an horror movie. Great things are coming! We, of course, wish the best and success to Barbie in her future plans! What is/are your favorite Kelly Kelly’s moment(s)?

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Divas we miss the most
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Does absence make the heart grow fonder? WWE.com’s editors seem to think so. Check out this gallery of former Divas we’d like to see someday return to WWE.

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WWE Magazine exclusive: Then and now
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WWE Magazine: What was the most important thing on your mind at the time of this picture?

Kelly Kelly: I was a nervous wreck. I actually had no idea what I was doing — I was just thrown into it. So I realized I just had to be myself, do what I know and hopefully the WWE Universe would like it. If I was able to prepare, I’d probably be dwelling on it too much. I found out what I was doing day by day, so those were crazy times. I had to just go out there and not think about it.

WWE Magazine: How different is Kelly Kelly now from the person in that photo?

Kelly Kelly: I feel like I’ve grown up so much. I’ve grown up in front of the entire WWE Universe, basically. Each week, they’ve gotten to see me and know me inside the ring and out. It’s been me 100-percent. I’ve always been myself. It’s been cool to be able to grow, and I’m not a kid anymore. If you’ve watched from day one until now, you can see that I’m a much improved person. I think it would be really hard to be someone else.

Kelly Kelly in WWE History
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Three years ago today, Kelly Kelly won her first and unique WWE Divas Championship on the “Power to the People” special edition of Raw.

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